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The HBWE (Open) Certificate

The HBWE Certificate (Human Behavior in the Work Environment) is all about people. Leaders are people. Managers are people. Customers are people. Employees are people. Partners, co-workers, clients, suppliers, and prospects are all people. In the grand scheme of things, even organizations are just large groups of people. Human beings are complicated, and it can be difficult to accurately anticipate people’s emotions and behaviors…and, therefore, their decisions and reactions. But neglecting the human side of the work environment is a huge – and costly – mistake.

You will have interpersonal experiences with the people in your organization. Interpersonal experiences are, after all, how human beings interface with the world. And how you feel about these experiences – whether you’re delighted, frustrated, reassured, or confused – is going to have a significant impact on your commitment, loyalty, and success in your company and beyond. So understanding and responding to the needs and preferences of people across your ecosystem isn’t just a nice thing to do; it’s crucial to your success as well as the long-term success of your boss, co-workers, department, and organization. Luckily, while people may be complex, there are some fundamental characteristics that every person shares. The HBWE Certificate will inform your thinking, understanding, and recognition of these common traits and will help you uncover people’s actual needs, desires, motivations, and expectations in the work environment. 

The HBWE Certificate is designed to provide you with the skills necessary to either establish, lead, or be part of “creating an environment at work that works.” The certificate prepares you to become someone whose emotional and social intelligence facilitates great professional and personal relationships and interactions. 

So, What’s included?

  • Four online courses focused around 1] the ability to influence, 2] professional and personal development 3] emotional and social intelligence 4] diversity and inclusion
  • A comprehensive set of psychological and job-performance assessments (which is a free add-on to each online course). Each assessment is well researched, designed and validated according to the APA standards for educational and psychological testing.

Choose any 4 (asynchronous online) courses: No restrictions! (Descriptions Below)

  • Leading Up To Lead Down (Pt1)
  • Leading Up To Lead Down (Pt2)
  • Leading the Human Side of Organizational Change
  • Preventing Employee Mismanagement (Through Effective delegation)
  • Coaching Intervention Strategies (for Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors)
  • Leadership Skills for New Managers
  • Leading an Inclusive Workin Environment (Beyond D.I.N.O: Diversity In Name Only)
  • How To Deal with Unconscious Bias at Work
  • How To Deal with Microaggression at Work
  • Navigating Intercultural Relationships (at Work) (IN DEVELOPMENT)
  • How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Be The Adult in The Room
  • How Self-Awareness Leads to Effective Communication
  • The Effective Listening Masterclass
  • How to Give (and Receive) Negative Feedback Positively

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