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How to be the Adult in the Room...Become a 'Response-Able' Team Member

Have you ever had a conversation where you felt like ‘kicking yourself’ because you were left feeling a bit like a child? Belittled? Condescended to? Or maybe you had regrets at the end of a meeting because you spent the entire time criticizing your coworkers. Or maybe you’ve seen someone explode in anger and protest against a perfectly reasonable request? Have you ever thought that you were communicating in one way and later learned that you were perceived in a completely different way? Have you ever told someone off and then felt like kicking yourself for it later? Have you ever used the same technique to get what you want from your boss that you used as a child? Do you often find yourself being defensive about your ideas or point of view? Do you feel that you have to take care of too many people who should be taking care of themselves?

All these situations are common in that we’ve all seen or experienced them. And most of us have regretted our response in the aftermath because we knew we could have, and should have handled the situation differently. We don’t like how we are viewed in the aftermath by our coworkers, supervisors, clients and customers. No one wants to deal with someone who is perceived as a bully, a baby, destructive, needy, naïve, passive, aggressive or passive aggressive.

What if you were presented with an interpersonal strategy to help you identify the markers and triggers of why you reacted the way you did…a way to help you respond to the games we all play at work?

Intellectually, you know how you want to present yourself…and why it’s important to always be in control of what you say and do. You know – to be taken seriously - you need to remain professional in all your communication. Your ability to confront your boss or coworker in an assertive way is a prerequisite to you being seen as credible and influential. To do so you must conduct yourself from - what we call – the ‘Adult Ego State.’ This simple interpersonal and behavior change strategy called Transactional Analysis is the foundation on which this course is built.

Learn to be in control of your emotions. Learn to control the outcome of any conversation. Learn to make the choice and commitment to change your behavior to best serve your own needs. Learn to communicate and confront assertively. Learn how to be taken seriously. 

Participants will learn:

  • How to respond - instead of react - to provocative triggers from others.
  • Why we feel the way we feel when spoken to antagonistically.
  • What it means to communicate as a Parent, Adult & Child, and the likely responses to each.
  • How to control an interaction – and the other’s response - by choosing the ‘Ego state’ from which we speak.
  • Why small fights become big fights.
  • How to assertively confront people and situations.

This course will help you to:

  • Develop unconscious influence over others
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Limit repetitive, negative behavior
  • Improve communication skills for excellence in human relationships
  • Build meaningful, helpful relationships at work
  • Manage work stress aiding in managing self
  • Become more assertive
  • Develop time management skills by accelerating the problem solving process in teams

Prerequisite: Accompanying Free Psychological Assessment!

Please contact me ([email protected]) for access to your free online psychological assertiveness assessment, which accompanies this course. This course will have more meaning to you if you come with some level insight as to where your strengths and developmental needs lie! Self-awareness is key, and this assessment is a great starting point. This personal & professional development assessment, which can be completed in 20-25min, measures 5 scales:

  • Your ability to advocate for yourself, and the level of confidence you have in doing so.
  • How you handle assertive/strong minded people.
  • Your ability to take action despite the risk of rejection or embarrassment.
  • Your level of Subservience to others at your own expense
  • Your level of aggression and manipulation to others in order to get your way.

Please note: 

Each of my courses are accompanied by a free online psychological assessment!

Additional private coaching also available. (

Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction / Description - A message from Duane...

    2. Assertiveness Assessment - Sample Report

    3. Free Assessment with course - ARS

    1. Introduction - What is Transactional Analysis

    2. Introduction - What is Transactional Analysis

    1. The Ego States

    2. The Ego States

    1. What it Means to be in the 'Parent Ego State'

    2. What it Means to be in the 'Parent Ego State'

    1. What it Means to be in the 'Child Ego State'

    2. What it Means to be in the 'Child Ego State'

    1. What it Means to be in the 'Adult Ego State'

    2. What it Means to be in the 'Adult Ego State'

    3. Quiz 1: Identify the Correct Ego State

    4. Quiz 2: The 'Adult' is always assertive; Write the following statements from the 'Adult' ego state. 

About this course

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  • 30 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

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