The HBWE Emotional & Social Intelligence Certificate

Success in your professional and personal relationships requires improving your Emotional and Social Intelligence. This involves becoming aware of how you relate with others, the latent and manifest messages you send, the words you speak, your attitude and behavior, and how your inevitable biases impact your ability to empathize and connect with people. Emotionally regulating yourself, in essence, processing your mental choices in slow motion, allows you to understand yourself and others better. It's is a deliberate process. It's a choice, a learned skill, a necessity! It's your responsibility! How and if you choose to react or respond to people and situations are governed by your ability to develop your emotional intelligence. Successful relationship outcomes are not accidental. Our certificate helps you recognize, understand, and practice developing your Emotional and Social intelligence.

So, What’s included?

  • Choose Four (of Five offered) online courses focused around Leading Development, Leading Up and Down, Influence, and Self-Leadership. 
  • A comprehensive set of psychological and job-performance assessments (which is a free add-on to each online class). Each assessment is well researched, designed and validated according to the APA standards for educational and psychological Testing. 

The Courses:

  • How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Be The Adult in The Room
  • How Self-Awareness Leads to Effective Communication
  • The Effective Listening Masterclass
  • How to Give (and receive) Negative Feedback Positively

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